Blue Marble Dreams

The Sweet Social Venture of Blue Marble Ice Cream

<p>We dream of a world<img src="../../../../../../assets/Icons/globe.png" alt="" width="40" height="41" /><br />that supports the JOY&nbsp;and <em>prosperity</em>&nbsp;of us all.</p>

We dream of a world
that supports the JOY and prosperity of us all.

<p>To bring this <em>dream</em> to life, we build<br />special ICE CREAM shops<em><img src="../../../../../../assets/Icons/cone.png" alt="" /></em>in special communities...</p>

To bring this dream to life, we build
special ICE CREAM shopsin special communities...

<p>...that create JOBS and help women<img src="../../../../../../assets/Icons/heart.png" alt="" width="32" height="28" />build safe,<br />independent and <em>happy</em> lives. &nbsp;</p>

...that create JOBS and help womenbuild safe,
independent and happy lives.  

<p>We invest in the VITALITY&nbsp;of these communities<br />by sourcing our ingredients from <em>local </em>farmers...</p>

We invest in the VITALITY of these communities
by sourcing our ingredients from local farmers...

<p>...and creating a <em>welcoming</em> space for people<br />to gather, connect and DREAM<img src="../../../../../../assets/Icons/cloud.png" alt="" width="40" height="29" /></p>

...and creating a welcoming space for people
to gather, connect and DREAM