Blue Marble Dreams

The Sweet Social Venture of Blue Marble Ice Cream


We're Alexis & Jennie, friends and co-founders of Blue Marble Ice Cream - NYC's only purveyor of certified organic ice cream. Welcome!

Did you know that Blue Marble is also the nickname for planet Earth?  We thought it made an appropriate name for our ice cream business, as it symbolized our values, commitments and aspirations.  Our goal was to do something truly meaningful with ice cream - something that would satisfy both our taste buds and our conscience.  We began with premium organic dairy and the best ingredients available to create the most honestly delicious scoop possible.  Next, we built a business that cares for its customers and communities near and far.  As we've grown, this simple mission has remained at the heart of all we do.
In 2008, just one year after opening the doors of Blue Marble's first scoop shop, we founded Blue Marble Dreams, a unique nonprofit venture to create jobs, joy and prosperity through the unlikely medium of ice cream.  We build ice cream shops with women in areas recovering from conflict or natural disaster with the belief that these sweet, small enterprises can help revive both the spirit and the economy of a community.  
We are so happy you came by for a visit, please explore the site and dream with us!