Blue Marble Dreams

The Sweet Social Venture of Blue Marble Ice Cream

Sweet Dreams #2

Inspired by the success we achieved in Rwanda, we devoted three challenging years to the development of Sweet Dreams #2 - Bèl Rèv in Port au Prince, Haiti, which launched in September 2016.  We built this shop in support of and in partnership with Haiti 155, a Brooklyn, NY-based nonprofit with deep Haitian roots. Please read about the mission and work of this tremendous organization here.  
While a seemingly simple ice cream shop on its surface, Bèl Rèv is actually a powerful social enterprise that is fueling the development and recovery of its community by:
1 - Creating wholesome, sustainable jobs that allow Haitian women to achieve self-reliance and peace of mind.

2 - Investing in Haitian agriculture by increasing demand for local farmers and enabling the financial security they need to grow and prosper.

3 - Elevating the local business landscape and inspiring further positive development in this underserved community.  

4 - Providing a wholesome, happy space for families, friends and community members to connect and revive.  
To date, we have trained and/or employed over 25 women, plus a handful of other helpers.  Our ice cream, popsicles, and other delicious products are made in-house with fresh ingredients from local farms.  Families and friends fill our tables, especially on the weekends, and are making fun new memories together.  All in all, Bèl Rèv is off to a very sweet start.
Our goal is to become fully self-sustaining within 18 months.  To achieve this, we are conducting ongoing training for our staff, particualy our managers, and implementing various systems that will support lasting, efficient operations.  We’re also working on creative marketing and partnership ideas to help drive awareness and patronage of Bèl Rèv.  As we push towards this goal, we will continue to rely in part on the kindness of friends like you - friends who recognize the innovative approach and meaningful impact of our work.  Please consider investing in the long-term success of Bèl Rèv by making a fast and secure donation here.
Speaking of our friends...thanks to the ingenuity and generosity of NRG Energy, Bèl Rèv was built out of repurposed shipping containers and has its own custom-built microgrid, replete with a state-of-the-art solar panel system, batteries and a generator.  This system will allow the shop to function indepdenent of the unreliable municipal power.  
We are also deeply grateful to the Clinton Foundation, Pan American Development Foundation, JetBlue, Tribeca Pediatrics, the International Foundation, the Pritzker-Pucker Foundation, the Allan and Lyndsey Arendsee Family Foundation, the Edmund and Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation, Retail Design Institute, Knoll, Bolon, Logitech, Media Nation, Mobile Grid, Metalab Studio and the many other supportive dreamers who helped us bring Bèl Rèv to life.