Blue Marble Dreams

The Sweet Social Venture of Blue Marble Ice Cream

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If you have any questions, ideas or opportunities for us, let us know!  We're just an email away and promise a prompt response.  

If you're in Rwanda and would like to visit Inzozi Nziza, you shouldn't have much trouble finding us.  We're right on the one north-south road, roughly half-way between "downtown" Butare and the National University, across from Hotel Credo.  The shop is open 7 days/week, roughly 8am to 8pm (sometimes earlier/later depending on the day of the week).

In Haiti, the shop is located in the Fontamara neighborhood of Port au Prince, right on Route de Carrefour.  Look for the bright pink shipping container just before you pass into Carrefour from PAP, you can't miss us!  
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